WPFC ECNL Teams Find their Groove in Week #2

9-1 vs Utah Avalanche and FC Nova (ID)

WPFC ECNL girls bounce back after a tough first week. WPFC ECNL teams finished with a combined record of 9-1 record this past weekend vs. Utah Avalanche and FC Nova (ID).

Saturday vs. Utah Avalanche:
03 ECNL 2-1 L
02 ECNL 1-0 W
01 ECNL 2-0 W
00 ECNL 3-0
98 ECNL 3-1

Sunday vs. FC Nova (ID):
03 ECNL 3-0 W
02 ECNL 2-1 W
01 ECNL 1-0 W
00 ECNL 3-0 W
98 ECNL 2-0 W

Current ECNL NW Pacific Division Standings
Washington Premier ECNL U14 current sit in fouth place in the ECNL NW Pacific conference with a 1-2 record. While the ECNL U14, ECNL U17, and ECNL U18 are all in second place in their perspective divisions.ECNL U16 stands in third place two games back from second with a 2-0-1 record. Lastly ECNL U18/U19 Composite is currently in 7th place.