Digital Media Group

The WPFC Digital Media Group (DMG) is designed to help those who would like to make submissions to the club site that don’t have the means to capture quality photo and video for their respective team and or event. We have a staff of professionals and volunteers that can help upon request*.  The DMG staff uses professional equipment from Canon, Nikon, JVC to capture professional-level photos and video. We also use Adobe CS6 Master Suite as well as FinalCut Pro X, Motion for editing content.  All editing will be completed within 3-5 business days of the date of capture. 

Due to the size of our growing club all capture requests whether photo and or video do require an advance 48 hour notice if being held at WPFC Field Complex and 72 hour notice within Washington State.

Below is a copy the WPFC 2011-12 Photo Yearbook the DMG designed for 2012 club auction:

More videos can be found on the club’s Youtube channel WPFCTV.